Lion dance performance I Good-luck of beginning


As the Spring Festival holiday fades away,DCY employees embrace the new year with full enthusiasm, soaring spirits, and a fresh look,Filled with new hopes and vibrant energy,Embarking on a new chapter of work in 2024.



Lion dance is an ancient and mysterious performing art with a long history and cultural heritage in China. It is also widely loved and appreciated in many countries. Lion dance is not only an entertaining performance, but also an important way to ward off disasters and pray for blessings. Lion dance performances usually include the part of picking young people at the last minute, which means making money and prosperity. Lion dance symbolizes might and auspiciousness. In traditional Chinese customs, lion dance is believed to have the effect of exorcising evil spirits. It is hoped that lion dance can be used to suppress demons and show one's power.




With the new year comes new opportunities, and company confident that with our team's talent and determination, we will continue to achieve great things. Let's work together to make this year even more successful than the last.



Wishing you all a Happy New Year! May your new year get off to a flying start! All the best in everything and good luck!