Dechangyu made a stunning appearance at the International Double Exhibition



Dechangyu participated in ASEAN PAPER Exhibition on August 30 and PAPER-ME Exhibition on September 2.These two exhibitions were held in Thailand and Egypt respectively. At the exhibitions, people from all over the world communicated enthusiastically and actively in order to learn about the latest products and market trends. In addition, the two exhibitions also held seminars and forums, allowing industry experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the household paper industry, bringing new developments and breakthroughs to the household paper equipment industry!





Dechang Yu used two cutting-edge technologies, 4K high-definition embossing and glue-free lamination, to demonstrate to visiting customers at two exhibitions. While ensuring the bulkiness and soft touch of the finished product, With the help of 4K high-definition technology, the embossed pattern is presented with clear and three-dimensional patterns.



BANGKOK ASEAN PAPER exhibition pictures:





PAPER-ME exhibition pictures:





During the exchanges at the exhibition, merchants expressed high recognition of the quality of Dechangyu's finished products and believed that such high-quality products would bring huge gains to finished product control and marketing. Dechangyu will continue to promote the two cutting-edge technologies of 4K high-definition embossing and glue-free lamination in the global market, provide customers with more efficient equipment, and bring better end products to consumers.





Dechangyu looks forward to continuing to bring you more excitement and surprises in the next exhibition. We will continue to innovate and optimize to present you with a more professional exhibition. If you are interested in our exhibition, please be sure to follow our official channels to obtain exhibition information in time.